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10 Ways To Know If A Girl Is Into “Hookup”



Hookup refers to casual sex or uncommitted and consensual sexual encounters, usually done for financial gains.

To put it plainly,  hookup is just a fancy word for prostitution.

Typically, there is an agreement between the parties involved on what the expectation of the arrangement is and the responsibility of each party.


Hookup has become a fast spreading culture in Nigeria that has been especially aided by technology. These technologies ranges from the plethora of hookup or “dating” apps, e-hailing cab services, online hotel booking, etc.

In recent times, an incredible amount of women ( single and married) have been indulging in this trend either openly or discreetly. While economic reasons are attributed by some for their involment in this trend, a good number do it to finance their craving for a luxurious lifestyle.

In this article, we highlight ten signs to shows that a girl is into hookup.


She stays out all night

A woman always staying out all night is an unmistakable sign that she is into the hookup business. Of course, the exception is if she has a job that requires her to work nightshift.

Church vigil is also an exception. However, don’t be fooled! Some use church vigils as an excuse to leave the house at night. They actually might have a skimpy dress and make-up kit concealed in their handbags!

She has “Dating” apps on their phones


The rise in popularity of dating and “Hookup” apps is one factor that has significantly boosted the hookup trend.

Some popular apps that are used for hookup include Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, Badoo, Olosho, Bingdum, Zoosk, SnapChat, EverMatch, Ablo, SweetMeet, OnlyFan, CodedRuns, etc.

These apps or sites are platforms for finding partners for hookup activities. Finding a partner on them is as easy as swiping right on a profile photo. This has made the trend increasingly popular as a huge number of hookup females are registered on these platforms either openly or discretly.

Therefore, If you find any of these apps on a girls phone, chances are high that she is into hookup.


She gets a call, dresses up in a hurry, and leaves the house

One good sign that a girl is into hookup is when she gets a call, and then proceeds to dress up in a hurry and then leaves the house.

When a randy fellow discovers a girl that he likes on a hookup app, he then contacts her. After terms and conditions have been agreed upon, this often make the girl up and leave the house in a hurry.

The need for haste is often so that the clients does not change his mind – or connect with some other hookup girl.

That’s right – when you notice a girl scurry out of the house, especially in a provocative attire, and straight into a waiting Uber, she is likely off to a hookup venue.


She often post pictures of hotel rooms on her status


After the hookup business has been concluded in a hotel, guesthouse, or serviced apartment, the client – especially the married ones – would depart to their homes, leaving the girl in the hotel room.

This period affords her the opportunity to take as much selfies as possible in the beautiful ambience that the hotel room provides.

Therefore, if she is always posting pictures or videos of hotel rooms or mirror selfies on her Insta-stories, WhatsApp status, tiktok, etc – especially when she is wearing white towels or bathroom gowns – then she is most likely into hookup.


She twerks on her whatsapp Status or tiktok

Twerking, dancing seductively or posting obscene picture of her body on social media is a fantastic strategy for attracting patronage for hookup.

Posting sultry photos or videos on her social media account is bound to lure randy men on her contact list.

So if she does these frequently, then there is a huge possibility that she is hunting for patrons for hookup.


She lives in a shared apartment


In big cities in Nigeria, hookup girls typically live in shared apartments. This is especially common in exclusive areas with close proximity to rich potential clients.

A hookup girl typically cohabits in the shared apartments with other females, who are often in the same line of business. This way, they split the expensive rents amongst themselves, which are paid either weekly or monthly.

In Lagos, these sort of shared apartments are common in places like Lekki Phase 1, Chevyview Estate, Ikota Villa Estate, Osapa London, Festac, Allen Avenue, Opebi, etc.


She flaunts expensive stuff without any identifiable source of income

She is always flaunting expensive phones, hair attachments, bags, jewelries, etc but she has no identifiable means of income.

Chances are that those items were acquired with the proceeds from the hookup business.


She is into hard drugs or alcohol


Hookup business is no easy business. It requires energy, boldness and fearlessness to deal with and have sex with strangers.  To overcome these issues and to boost their energy and confidence, women in the hookup business often turn to hard drugs or alcohol.

So, a woman who is into recreational drugs such as Marijuana, tramadol, Colorado, shisha, etc is most likely into the hookup business.


She poses as an online vendor

Hookup girls often camouflage as an online vendors who sell clothes, jewelries, perfumes, hair, bags, etc. Some also claim to be actresses, social media lifestyle influencers, video vixens, makeup artistes, etc.

However, a keen observation would discover that their inventories or type of work cannot possibly be the source of their expensive or luxurious lifestyle.


She is facinated by Body enhancement or tattoo

In the hookup business, a banging body attracts high patronage, especially from the big spenders. This is one reason why most women in the sex trade are often obsessed with the idea of enhancing their bodies by surgical methods.

If a girl is facinated by body enhancement, or she has undergone medical procedures such as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), Breast augumentation, etc, she is most likely a hookup girl.



She keeps an extra phone

A smart business move by hookup girls is to own a dedicated phone for the hookup business. On this phone, she advertises herself flirtatiously  on her whatapp and social media account to elicit interest from randy clients.

None of her friends or family are on the contact list or have the phone number on this line. In this manner, they remain unaware of her hookup activities.


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