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Ten Important Tips On Inspecting A Used Car You Want To Buy



Getting a good used or “Tokunbo” car to buy can sometimes be a herculean task. Inspecting A Used Car

Before you part ways with your hard-earned money, you should equip yourself with the right information to keep you from paying for a problematic used car.

It is advisable that you engage the service of an auto-expert to check out the new car you want to acquire.

However, if you cannot afford the services of a professional, the checklist below can be beneficial to you.

Inspecting A Used Car

  1. Examine the engine and the colour of the engine oil.


  1. Be on the watch out for rust. Rust can lead to leakages in any automobile.


  1. Go beneath the car, and check out for any sign of transmission oil leak, water leak, or engine oil leak.


  1. Do well to check the coolant level, whether it is moderate or too low. Inspecting A Used Car


  1. Check out for wiring in the car. If it is not neatly done, request why the vehicle is done in such a way. If you are not satisfied with the response, you can take a U-turn heading back to your home or another dealer.


  1. Having confirmed all these signs, go ahead and start up the engine. Accelerate the car in neutral gear. Check out the colour of the smoke. If white, the engine is probably in a bad condition; black smoke could mean a variety of things.


  1. Afterward, you can engage your gear to ‘D’ or ‘R.’ If the car refuses to move, you can be sure there is a problem somewhere.


8. You should understand that a car does not necessarily need to be in a perfect position before you purchase it. As an alternative, you can renegotiate the              price to fix issues you have noticed.


  1. Never be cajoled into buying a car you don’t feel is worth your money. A polite ‘No’ will do.


  1. You should confirm the vehicle document that they are valid.


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