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5 Countries That You Can Be Granted Citizenship Easily



be Most people are getting fed up with the poor economic situation of the country, Nigeria. The hopelessness of the country has made many Nigerians to relocate from the country. Citizenship 

This has led many people to be faced with tackling the puzzle of identifying countries that gives citizenship to immigrants easily without much hassles.

Don’t get worked up! The solution is here. In the article below, we would be looking at some countries that offer citizenship easily to people from other countries.


1.      Ireland

Ireland is a pleasant country that easily grant citizenship to people migrating into their territory. While a minimum of 8 years is required before full citizenship can be applied for, few of the years can be waived on the condition of ancestry lineage. However, dual citizenship is not allowed.


2.      Peru

To qualify to be a citizen of Peru, you need to spend at least 2 years in the country. Also, a total of $25,000 would be collected for the processing of the residency permit and citizenship in the country.


3.      Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a country that features less stressful steps to grant citizenship to individuals. $1,500 is required as the pension income of a guarantor while the total income of intending migrant is expected to be up to $2,000. After 2 years, the sum of $6,000 is then used for the application process of the citizenship and residence permit for the country.


4.      Singapore

Three platforms can be used to secure citizenship in Singapore- Through setting up a business, Getting married to a Singaporean, or Setting up an investment in the country. The choice is left to you. You can choose to marry a Singaporean instead of going through the costly step of setting up business or investment. However, you must spend up to 6 years before you can apply for citizenship.


5.      Canada

Canada is one of the easiest countries that grants immigrants easy access to obtain citizenship. You can choose to be a skilled immigrant and obtain permanent residence permit after staying 2 years in the country, but you must have up to $13,000 as your overall income.


So, there you have it! The ball is in your court. You can choose the country of your preference.

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