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20543: Send A Message To This Short-code To Report Fake Drugs/Adverse Drug Effect



Report Fake Drugs

Are you aware of any fake drugs on the market? Have you ever had an adverse reaction to a medication? Most likely, yes! Report Fake Drugs

Also, there’s a chance you wanted to report the drug to an authority who could handle the situation quickly, but you didn’t know how.

So, your long search for an answer has come to an end!

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) has created a shortcode to assist the public in reporting fake drugs or drugs that cause unpleasant side effects. The code is 20543.

When the text reaches NAFDAC, it is handled by the Pharmocovigilance Center, who investigates the complaint. Following that, the customer service representative will contact you to obtain additional information about the drug, its side effects, and the vendor selling the product.

After gathering all pertinent information, NAFDAC takes action, declaring the drug to be a hazardous chemical substance unfit for human consumption. They then prohibited the sale of drugs on a national scale.

This way, you have not only saved yourself from purchasing the fake drug, but you have also saved millions of Nigerians from becoming victims of the deadly drug.

Report Fake Drugs

So you’re wondering, “Which network does this code work for?” This service is supported by the majority of Nigerian mobile network operators. MTN, Etisalat, and Glo Networks are among them.

Why is it necessary to report adverse effects caused by counterfeit drugs? You keep the masses from falling into the chasm dug by these swindlers. Not only that, but consumer reports are an important way of determining whether drugs have been registered or not.

There is one thing that should be mentioned. When a report is filed, NAFDAC does not provide clinical/hospital treatment to victims of counterfeit drugs.

NAFDAC, on the other hand, uses the information, along with other data, to advise the public on who should not take the medication. For example, if it affects the elderly, people with hypertension, asthma, or is simply unsuitable for the entire Nigerian population.

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