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How To Negotiate For Cheaper Hotel Room Rates



Hotel Room Rates

Do you have proclivity for staying in hotels? Then, this article might serve as an eye-opener. If you frequently travel a lot of time, it is quite worthwhile to cut down on your expenses. Hotel Room Rates

Are you scared you are not too good at bargaining prices? Well, worry less. That is why we have come up with easy-to-do steps to help bargain easily without appearing too pushy. Ready for the sweet pie? Then, let’s dig deep!

Drop competitors names

You may want to mention some neighborhood competitors who charge less. This way, the front-desk staff might give a discount including freebies.

Be strategic with timing

Timing is important when you are looking out for bargaining hotel rates. Most hotels easily compromise to give discounts on their services during their off-peak period. So, make your research and schedule your outing around this time.

Consider booking through an agency but real ones

When you subscribe to a genuine booking agency, you are likely to get yourself something worthwhile at a lesser rate. It is not far-fetched why the hotels lower their rate for a booking agency. Hotels want to be listed as one of the reputable relaxation areas, thus increasing their patronage. So, grab the opportunity right away!

Book flight and hotel together

When you book your flight and hotel together, you end up cutting big on your total cost. Many hotels already collaborate with travel agencies to subsidize their rates for customers. You can make good fortune from this opportunity.

Go for loyalty offers

Many hotels offer rewards and incentives for travelers who regularly lodge in their facility. The hotel generates points for the long period they stay. These points can be further converted for meeting rooms, sumptuous meals, gym services etc. Find out these hotels before you set out for your next travel. Examples of some of the Hotels are Golfview Hotels, Renaissance Hotel (Marriot Reward), Protea hotels (Prokard Explorer), Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts (Reward Club), among many others.

Hotel Room Rates

Tweak the dates

Do you have luxury of time to reschedule your activities? Then, you can go ahead and give the hotel manager a call requesting for a less busy time so you apply with a lower rates. You could start with three nights, for example, and offer an extra night if you are given a subsidy.

Introduce yourself when needed

Fine, you might not feel cool about introducing yourself. However, you can do yourself a honor by telling the manager your portfolio as a celebrity, hotel blogger, social influencers among others. You can end up earning cheap rooms and other freebies for your status. They easily oblige to get promoted through the influence of your status.

Subscribe to alerts or available deals

Do well to subscribe to alerts from online travel agency. This way, you can hit it big when you grab juicy offers that may not be easy to come by.


There, we have it! What are you waiting for? Go apply these golden learnings and start saving real big on your hotel lodgings. Hotel Room Rates



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