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7 Famous Incidences Of Building Collapse In Lagos



In Lagos State, building collapse has become a tragic recurrent decimal.

There isn’t a year that goes by when one doesn’t happen. As a result of some of these, many people have died.

Between 2005 and 2016, 115 structures in Lagos were reported to have collapsed, the majority of which were residential. Approximately 4,000 families have been displaced and traumatized as a result of the disaster.

In this article, we look at some of the most well-known building collapses in the nation’s commercial center.


NIDB Building Collapse

Building collapse

On 22 March, 2006, the first of three building collapse in Lagos occurred.

The happened when the top nine stories of a 21-storey Nigerian Industrial Development Bank (NIDB) building in Lagos Island collapsed. A fire had destroyed two floors of the structure earlier in the month.

After the fire, the structure caved in due to structural weakness induced by strong winds during a thunderstorm.

The structure was subsequently left vacant for the next two years before being imploded on September 21, 2008, making it Nigeria’s first implosion. The location is now occupied by a parking lot.


Ebute Metta Residential Building

Building collapse

A four-storey tower of flats in Ebutte Meta, Lagos, fell on July 18, 2006.

At least 25 individuals were killed in the collapse. The accident is considered to have been caused by shoddy construction.

The structure was only three years old. It consisted of 36 flats and was a residential building. Government authority stated that anyone responsible for the fall of the structure would face criminal charges.

Rescue operations were conducted out by the Red Cross and local volunteers. The first night of searching was hampered by rain. A total of 50 persons were discovered alive.




Synagogue Church of All Nations

Building collapse

On September 2014, the church guest house of Synagogue Church of All Nations complex, in Ikotun, Lagos, collapsed. The location is the home of the late popular evangelical preacher, TB Joshua.

A total of 116 people were killed in the collapse, 81 of them were South Africans.

The addition of floors without proper planning approval was ruled to have been a factor in the collapse of a church guesthouse.

Joshua, church trustees and two engineers were put on trial for criminal negligence and involuntary manslaughter.


Lekki Gardens 

Building collapse

On 8 March 2016, a five-storey building under construction in the Lekki axis of Lagos collapsed. At least 34 people were killed.

The fatal collapse happened after heavy rains in the early hours of the day of the collapse.

During the rescue operation, thirteen other people were pulled from the collapsed building alive. The rescue operation ended on 10 March.

The Lagos state government said the building construction was illegal, with the builders having been served a contravention notice for exceeding the number of approved floors.

According to the Government authority, the owners of the building apparently “criminally unsealed the property and continued building beyond the approved floors.”



Lagos School Collapse

On 13 March 2019, a three-storey building located at No. 53, Massey Street, Ita-Faaji, Lagos Island, collapsed.

20 people were killed from the building collapse, while over 40 people were trapped in the rubbles.

The building had a penthouse and a primary school (Ohen Nursery and Primary School) on it, prior to its collapse. The school had about 100 students, was located on the third story of the building. Building Collapse In Lagos

The Governor of Lagos State at the time, Akinwunmi Ambode, said the primary school was illegally occupying the building as the building is registered as a residential building.

Following the collapse of the building, the State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) conducted integrity testing on buildings in the area and found that 150 buildings were in certified structural distress.


Ikoyi Highrise

A high-rise tower of luxury flats at 20 Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, collapsed on Monday, November 1, 2021, about 3 p.m.

The building known as the 360 Degrees Towers was under construction by a developer, Femi Osibona. Building Collapse In Lagos

A search and rescue operation was carried out to recover workers who were working on the construction site at the time.

The rumbles claimed the lives of at least 42 people. The developer, Osibona, was also at the site, and died in the collapse. His body was recovered on 4 November.

The Lagos state emergency agency stated that eight people were critically injured.

The incident is still under investigation by the Lagos State government.


Yaba Building Collapse

A three-story structure under construction on Akanbi Crescent in the Yaba neighborhood of Lagos collapsed at 3.30 p.m. on Saturday, February 12, 2022.

Three people were confirmed dead, and four others were rescued from the rubble, including a security guard and construction workers.

At around 5 p.m., the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency arrived at the scene. Building Collapse In Lagos



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