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Don’t Invite This Man To Your Party, He Will Steal The Attention From You!



Pretty Mike is one of Nigeria’s most eccentric socialite.

Pretty Mike, real name Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, has gained notoriety for performing bizarre stunts, particularly at social gatherings.

The owner of a nightclub, after all, craves public attention. He will not attend an event unless he is confident that he will steal the show from the hosts.

Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike (Right), in company of the embattled Ramon Abass aka “Hushpuppy”, holding on to a feeding bottle

Once upon a time, the 34-year-old attended a wedding escorted by six pregnant women. At the venue’s entrance, he took it a step further by rubbing their bellies.

Either that, or he’s been photographed holding baby feeding bottles and drinking liquor from them. Or he shows up at a wedding ceremony with a group of women pushing baby strollers. Alternatively, he may be escorted to a party by a witch doctor, and so on.

In 2017, he was arrested by the Lagos state government for attending an event with women whom he led around like dogs on a leash.

Pretty Mike and his famous sex doll, Amaka

Pretty Mike once infuriated the Nigerian internet by posting photos of himself with his sex doll, “Amaka.”

His bizarre demonstrations elicit a wide range of reactions. Some people condemn them, while others regard it as artistic or creative. There were also those who demanded that Pretty Mike’s mental health be evaluated.

Whatever impressions or opinions people have or share about Pretty Mike’s peculiar appearances, he always appears unconcerned.

In August 2020, Pretty Mike received a PhD in Business Management from the European American University in the Republic of Panama.

The photos below depict Pretty Mike’s appearances at various social events.

Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike


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