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Full Story Of How Popular Comedian Nedu Discovered Through DNA Test That His Son Isn’t His



Comedian Nedu

Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, better known as Nedu Wazobia, a well-known comedian and on-air personality, recently responded to allegations of domestic abuse leveled by his estranged wife, Uzoamaka Ohiri.

On Friday night, Ohiri posted on her Instagram story about her husband not feeding his children. According to her, he was also guilty of domestic violence.

This happened during the saga involving Tuface Idibia and his wife, Annie.

Uzor then questioned Nedu’s employer, Wazobia FM, about why he was allowed to host marriage talk shows despite being one of many men who beat their wives to stupor.

On Saturday afternoon, Nedu responded to the allegations with a post on his Instagram account.

According to him, he does not encourage or support any form of domestic violence.

The comedian then revealed something even more shocking. He revealed that a paternity test revealed that his first son is not his biological child.

“My marriage was plagued with many crises, one of which was infidelity,” he wrote in the Instagram post.

“Our marriage was plagued by many crises, one of which was infidelity on her part, which led to me conducting paternity tests on our children, which led to the revelation that my first son is not my biological child, despite the fact that he was born during the time we were married.”

“With regard to domestic violence, we had this matter investigated twice, once by Ajah police and once by a competent court of law during the dissolution of our marriage.”

“I’m pleading with my ex-wife to remember our children and not continue on this path she’s chosen, because the internet never forgets.”

“I have no issues with her and would like to continue minding the business that pays me,” Nedu explained.


His Estrange Wife Reacts

Comedian Nedu

Uzoamaka Ohiri hazel_uzor/Instagram

Uzoamaka Ohiri did not back down from the verbal brawl, accusing Nedu of bigamy and neglecting his daughters.

She took to her Instagram page and wrote, “nedu_wazobiafm Please where are the divorce papers? We both are in accordance with being divorced. I need to sign too.

“Even when you committed Bigamy, I was not moved. Try not to open Ajiwe police station issue again, as you know you faulted. Comedian Nedu

“As regards the scar on your hand; that was the day I was with our infant daughter. Other @wazobiafmlagos staff witnessed the drama unfold. Nedu we fought and I finally won one battle. Deal with it!

“As regards my son, you have already spread that certificate to the whole world. It is no longer, and has never been a secret.

“It’s okay to say you do not have a problem with me… that’s for the gram. But why are your kids suffering?

Comedian Nedu

“Now that I have gotten your attention, all I have been demanding, is for you to man up to some responsibilities over our lovely kids and their welfare.
For 4 years I have been paying for the house rent and a lot of bills. You might not understand as you have never spent more than 12 hours with them.

“We can also share the rent bills on a 50-50 ratio . I have been the only one paying for about 4 years, and trust me it has not been easy on me’, she wrote.

“I have called, texted and tried to reach out to you via other direct and indirect methods, but to no avail.

“Please honour this request. Thank you Sir,” Uzoamaka Ohiri wrote. Comedian Nedu

On popular radio station Wazobia FM 94.1 Lagos, Nedu Wazobia is well-known for putting a unique spin on the daily news.

Nedu’s name and face have become synonymous with internet satire.

He is well-known for his amusing alter ego characters such as Sister Nkechi, Alhaji Musa, EndTime Landlord, and Officer Jato, which have earned him a massive Instagram following of over 2.2 million people.

Nedu represents well-known brands such as MTN, Fidelity Bank, Quickteller, and Sun Lottery.

Comedian Nedu

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