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How To Report Fake Food, Medicine And Other Products To NAFDAC



Report Fake Food, Medicine And Other Products To NAFDAC

Every day, millions of fake, counterfeit, or substandard drugs, packaged foods, and related products are manufactured and sold in the Nigerian market. Report Fake

Some of these medications may be contaminated, or they may contain the incorrect or no active ingredient. Some may have the correct active ingredient but the incorrect dose.

Consuming forged or counterfeit goods can have serious consequences for consumers’ health. As a result, dealing in counterfeit medicines is considered a serious crime. Countless Nigerians have died as a result of consuming counterfeit drugs.

It would not be surprising if you may have consumed one of these fake tablets at some point.

Report Fake Food, Medicine And Other Products To NAFDAC

Anyway, as you are aware, there is a body in charge of reducing crime and exposing criminals. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has been at the forefront of the fight against drug and package food counterfeiters.

NAFDAC, which was founded in 1993, is also in charge of regulating the production and distribution of new drugs and foods into the market for final consumption.

So, if you detect or suspect that a specific drug, packaged food, or other product has been counterfeited or is a fake, follow the simple steps outlined below to report these products and their unscrupulous producers. Report Fake

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Step 1: Confirm the Registration Details of Each Product Report Fake

If you haven’t already started checking the NAFDAC registration number of drugs and sealed food, you should start now. Check the registration details on the product’s packaging and enter the digits into the website ( to see if it is NAFDAC-approved. If the outcome is positive, you are ready to go! Otherwise, proceed to the next step right away.

Report Fake Food, Medicine And Other Products To NAFDAC

Credit: Sun Newspaper


Step 2: Fill a Complaint Form

If you discover that the drug you just bought is counterfeit, go to this website ( and fill out the Complaint Form. However, in order to submit your complaint form, you must have all of the necessary information.

If you tried the steps above and they didn’t work, go to this site ( for a faster response.


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