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6 Nigerian Entertainers Who Have Medical Degrees



Not every Nigerian entertainer is an “olodo.” Entertainers Who Have Medical Degrees

Many of them are actually well-educated, with degrees obtained through rigorous coursework to prove it.

Indeed, some Nigerian entertainers found themselves in the arts after years of training to be something else. Some celebrities, for example, studied courses in the medical field before entering the entertainment industry.

The following is a list of Nigerian entertainers who have medical degrees, as well as one who was almost there.


Jemima Osunde

Jemima Osunde rose to prominence after appearing in MTV Shuga, a popular TV drama series.

The talented Edo state-born actress is described as having both beauty and brains.

Osunde is a Physiotherapy graduate of the University of Lagos.


Dr Sid

Sidney Onoriode Esiri, a singer and songwriter, goes by the stage name Dr Sid.

The “Dr.” in his stage name is not a random title he chose out of thin air. It’s a title he worked hard for in school.

The son of the late Nollywood icon, Justice Esiri, is a trained Dental Surgeon.

Before pursuing his passion for entertainment, he earned a Dental Surgery degree from the University Of Ibadan (UI).


Kiki Omeli

Kiki Omeli is best known for her portrayal of Lovette in the television series Lekki Wives.

Throughout her primary and secondary school years, Omeili began performing in stage plays. This continued at university, where she was a member of the drama club, acted in various productions, and competed in several drama competitions.

After earning a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, the stunning screen diva became a Medical Doctor in 2006.


Beautiful Nubia

Entertainers Who Have Medical Degrees

Beautiful Nubia’s Segun Akinlolu is a songwriter, music composer, and bandleader.

In 1992, he graduated from the University of Ibadan with a degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Before attempting to make music, he practiced for a while.

Nubia also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism from the Nigeria Institute of Journalism.



Kate Henshaw

Entertainers Who Have Medical Degrees

Kate Henshaw is a household name in Nigeria, thanks to her appearances in numerous TV shows and films. She also works as a model.

She went on to study Medical Microbiology at the School of Medical Lab Science, LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) in Lagos after finishing primary and secondary school in Lagos and Calabar.

Henshaw worked at the Bauchi State General Hospital before becoming famous in 1993 with her role in the film ‘When The Sun Set.’


Wilson Joshua

Entertainers Who Have Medical Degrees

Wilson Joshua began his professional acting career in 2011. He was still a student for the majority of that time.

He received his bachelor’s degree in optometry from Imo State University, Owerri, in 2018.


Entertainers Who Have Medical Degrees

Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, better known as Peruzzi, rose to prominence after appearing on a song called ‘Amaka’ by music legend 2Baba.

Peruzzi, 31, doesn’t actually qualify to be on this list. This is due to the fact that he is the only person on the list who did make it past graduation.

He was a medical student at Odessa State Medical University in Ukraine. He dropped out to pursue his musical passion.ers Who Have Medical Degrees



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