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Rev. Busola Nwokolo & Siblings Bid Dad Emotional Goodbye, Pens Tribute To Him (PHOTOS)



Rev. (Mrs.) Busola Nwokolo had a tough time holding back tears. Indeed, saying goodbye to a loved one at their funeral is always an emotional event.

In this particluar scenario, Rev. Nwokolo was biding farewell to her dad, the late Oluwafunmiladekan Onamuti.

The late Elder Oluwafunmiladekan Onamuti died on Thursday,14th September, 2023. He was aged 80.

Nwokolo, a Pastor at the Dominion Tabernacle, Chicago, USA, is the wife of the Senior Pastor, Apostle Vincent Nwokolo.

She is the eldest child of Pa Onamuti, the man fondly called the “Manager”.

The late Elder Oluwafunmiladekan Onamuti

It was an emotionally-charged interment for Elder Onamuti in the late morning of October 28. The venue of the internment was the Atan Cementery, Akoka, Yaba.

A funeral church service had earlier been conducted at the Prayerlink Evangelical Ministries, Surulere.

As the casket bearing the remains of the late Mathematician was lowered into the grave, family and friends broke down inconsolably as they said their tearful and final goodbyes.

The late Elder Onamuti is survived by his wife, Mrs Diana Onamuti, nine children, and several grandchildren.

Rev. (Mrs.) Busola Nwokolo before the remains of her late dad was lowered into the grave by the pallbearers


Rev. (Mrs.) Busola Nwokolo wrote a tribute to her late father following his death at the age of 80. In the tribute, she wrote:

“The news of your demise came as a shock to us. Nevertheless, we take solace in God that he lived a life as fulfilling, as he wanted it,” she wrote.

“You demonstrated a heroic quality in the face of many life-challenging circumstances and you pulled through with a well-rounded doggedness.

“Your legacy of fairness, justice and kindness remains worthy of emulation and many of us now reference the dossier of your continuous lectures in times when realities of life hit home.

“You were humble to accept and relate with everyone especially those who reached out to you for help”, she wrote.

“You were a disciplinarian to the core and a go-to person for many in the community where you were fondly called “The Manager”.

“You had a heart that ensured that people who reached out to you for help got situated regardless of whether you had enough to spare or not. You didn’t have to be comfortable to provide comfort to others; you didn’t have to be in surplus to put a plus to someone else’s life especially the lowly.

“At a very young age, you taught me the use of the typewriter, which made it easy for me to transition and excel with the keyboard as technology advanced to computer system.

“Those privilege to be under your tutelage knew that you taught not just to pass mere information but with the commitment to give a meaning to life.

“When you were introduced to the Prayerlink Evangelical Ministries, where you opted to become a bonafide member, you took us with you and made sure we participated in the weekly, monthly and seasonal activities.

“Personally, and thankfully, the teachings and other spiritual values I obtained within the time formed a bedrock of what and how my faith has evolved.

“In your usual counsel, you always said “prayer is never too much, make it a habit”. Your counsel stayed with me and I have seen the essence unfolded in many instances.

“Dad, though we would have loved that you stayed for more years but God Almighty, your Maker, that loves you more, has called you home.

“We bid you farewell and earnestly pray that your soul rest in perfect peace. Adieu!

 Rev. (Mrs.) Busola Nwokolo.

Elder Oluwafunmiladekan Onamuti was born on 3rd of November 1942 in Lagos State.

He did his elementary schooling at St Jude’s Primary School in Ebute Metta, Lagos. After that, he continued his education at CMS Grammar School in Bariga, Lagos, and Fiditi Grammar School in Oyo State.

In 1969, he was admitted to Portland State Community College, Oregon, USA, where he majored in mathematics. He also attended Portland State University also in Portland, Oregon, USA.

After returning to Nigeria in 1977, Pa Onamuti worked for a short while as a private contractor before going into the business of managing and supervising building projects for companies.

During his lifetime, he founded the St. James Secretariat Institute where he offered tuition for secretariat studies, primary and secondary after school lessons.

Onamuti was an ordained elder at Prayerlink Evangelical Ministries, Surulere, Lagos.

The late Elder Onamuti is survived by his wife, Mrs Diana Onamuti, nine children, and several grandchildren.

He is also survived by several in-laws that include Apostle Vincent Nwokolo, the Senior Pastor of Dominion Tabernacle Global Ministries, Chicago, USA.