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This Police Officer Was The First Nigerian To Feature On Big Brother Reality TV Show



The first Big Brother reality TV show was broadcast in the Netherlands in 1999.  The show was later syndicated internationally.

The Big Brother reality TV show has become one of the most-watched television show on African television.

The first season of Big Brother Africa premiered on Sunday, May 25, 2003, to audiences in 42 African countries and ended on September 7, 2003.

The television show produced by Endemol initially involved 12 African countries, notably Botswana, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and South Africa.

It was the first time in history that the internationally renowned program would be created with participants of various nationalities from a single continent. The show was hosted by Mark Pilgrim.

First Nigerian To

Alexander Adebayo Adetomiwa Okoh, a 28-year-old economist from Benue State, represented Nigeria at the inaugural show. On the show, he was simply known as Bayo.

On Day 91, August 24, 2003, Bayo became the sixth housemate to be evicted after receiving 9/13 votes to evict.

Cherise Makubale of Zambia was eventually crowned the winner of Africa’s first Big Brother TV show.

Bayo, Nigeria’s representative, faded into obscurity after the show.

First Nigerian To

From Left: Gaetano (Uganda), Tapuwa (Zimbabwe) and Bayo (Nigeria). Getty Image

However, in 2017, images of Bayo wearing the Nigerian police uniform surfaced online.

The picture was posted by Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Taiwo Lakanu on his Facebook account.

It turned out that Bayo Okoh had enlisted into the Nigerian Police force after the show.

Lakanu revealed that Bayo joined as a pilot with the Nigerian Police Force.

Checkout the photo below.

First Nigerian To

Taiwo Lakanu./facebook


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