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10 Nigerian Celebrities Whose Nudes Or Sex Videos Leaked Online



For humans, having sex is a private affair. When you are intimately connected to someone, it tends to happen (unless you are desperate or paid for it). Sex videos

In recent times, people have developed diverse sexual fetishes. One of which is the act of capturing intimate moments with their partner with their cameras.

Sometimes, these private video recordings leak, which leads to the invasion of one’s privacy and can cause damaging impact on one’s reputation.

In the Nigerian entertainment sector, leaked nude photos or sex videos are becoming the norm. Some famous figures in the industry have appeared in some of these intimate recordings that became public.

A school of thought, however, theorizes that these leaks are sometimes a strategy used by showbiz personalities to promote a forth-coming project;  or to gain further fame – or notoriety. This may not always be the case, as in some circumstances, the leaks were discovered to have been made by blackmailers.

Some criminal elements leak sex-videos with the aim of humiliating their victims if their demands are not met. Oh, and trust the public – they are always eager to consume the contents.

While it is natural to assume that a leaked sex tape will permanently damage a celebrity’s reputation, this is frequently not the case.

Some celebrities have risen beyond the shame of the intrusion on their privacy to further advance their chosen  careers.

At the end of the day, a simple advice for anyone who cares about protecting their reputation is this -“Never record yourself having sex”.

In this piece, we we will be highlighting 10 famous Nigerians whose nude photos or sex-videos were inadvertently released to the public.


Anita Hogan

Anita Hogan, a Nollywood actress, was the first public figure in Nigeria to fall victim of a widely publicized nude image leak.

The native of Akwa Ibom rose to national prominence in 2005 after appearing in the Gulder Ultimate Search 11.

In 2006, her nude photos leaked, and later found their way to the pages of a newspaper.

It all began when she sent her laptop computer for repairs. In the computer, the repairman discovered nude and raunchy pictures of Hogan together with her Caucasian husband.

The repairman began blackmailing her and requesting from her the sum of N500,000 or risk getting the photos published in a newspaper.  Her non-compliance led to the pictured to be circulated and published by an evening papers.

Anita Hogan later relocated abroad to the Netherlands, with her Dutch husband Mak, who is now late. She recently authored a book.


Wande Coal

In July 2010, some naked pictures of Wande Coal surfaced online and sparked a huge uproar.

The ‘Bumper-to-Bumper’ singer was pictured lying in bed fast asleep and completely naked.  Ostensibly, a female companion took the photo after a sex session.

However, Wande Coal, whose real name is Ojosipe Oluwatobi Wande Jnr, denied the controversial nude pictures which were posted on social network sites including Facebook and Twitter.

He asserted that the guy in the photographs could not possibly be him and that whomever was behind the fabrication must have used Photoshop, a photo-editing programme, to superimpose his head on another naked man’s body. His denial failed woefully to convince the public.



In November 2011, rapper and singer Mo’cheddah mistaken tweeted a naked photo of herself while trying to send it to another artist, Eldee da Don.

The “If You Want Me” singer tweeted the nude picture which mistakenly went as a public message instead of a Direct Message.

Nonetheless, she was quick to delete the picture, but sadly, some quick fingers had already saved it.

She later posted a tweet denying being the person in the picture.


Chidinma Okeke

Chidinma Okeke, who represented Orumba North, Anambra State, was crowned the winner of Miss Anambra 2015.

In October 2016, she became an internet sensation when a video of her performing sexual acts with another lady leaked on the internet. However, the former beauty queen denied being the person in the video though the evidence was quite compelling.

In response to the video, she claimed that it wasn’t her and that it was “concocted to tarnish her image”.

That notwithstanding, she was dethroned from the position of Miss Anambra as a result of the scandal.

Later in an interview, Okeke admitted that she was forced by the organizers, Anambra Broadcasting Corporation (ABS), to participate in the lesbian sex as part of the conditions for her to take part in the pageant.


Small Doctor

In August 2017, A shocking video of singer Small Doctor masturbating appeared online.

The performer, also referred to as ‘Omo Iya teacher’, was captured on camera stroking his genital in the video.

The certified street ambassador who was in Kenya for a show as at the time, recorded and posted the video on Snapchat.


Sex Tapes

Oxlade, whose real name is Ikuforiji Olaitan, became famous after his singles ”Ojuju” and ‘Away’ became monster hits.

On the 9th February 2022, Nigerians on social media woke up to the news of a leaked sex video and numerous nude photos of singer Oxlade.

The leaked video which went viral on Twitter, showed the singer having sex with an unidentified lady. The video was uploaded from Snapchat. The artiste never denied the authenticity of the video.



Tiwa Savage

Sex Tapes

Tiwa Savage joined the league of celebrities whose sex video went public on October 2021. The 10-seconds sex video was inadvertently posted on Snapchat.

Savage had revealed that the video became public when her boyfriend mistakenly posted the sex clip on Snapchat and took it down immediately.

According to her, a dubious individual gained access to the video, and was making threats and demanding a ransom for the video.



Sex Tapes

In October 2021, Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate, Ikechukwu Sunday aka Cross, sparked reactions online after his nude video went viral.

The reality TV star from Anambra was said to have mistakenly posted it on his snapchat.

The video showed him naked with his tattoos and manhood on display, he captioned the post, ‘shower time’.

According to him, the nude video was a “simple mistake”.


James Brown

Sex Tapes

James Chukwueze Obialor, also known as James Brown, is a popular and controversial crossdresser,

In October 2022, he ignited the internet with his leaked sexual intimacy video with a woman. The explicit sex video of the self-acclaimed “Princess of Africa” was leaked on Snapchat.

Reacting to the video, the father of the crossdresser, in a message on snapchat, claimed the incident increased his blood pressure and begged his son to be careful of enemies.

James Brown later tendered a public apology to his father following his leaked sex video.


Moyo Lawal

Sex Tapes

On September 2023, a sex video of Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal was leaked online.

The video captured the actress, having sex with an unidentified man while they recorded the act.

The actress later disclosed that the leaked video was a private video done a while back. She also revealed that it was done with her ex-fiancé, and it was never intended for public consumption.

Moyo Lawal won the award “Revelation of the Year” at Best of Nollywood Awards in 2012.

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# Sex videos