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10 Ways To Keep Snakes Away From Your Toilet



Recently, Nigerians have been paying additional attention to their water closets and toilet bowls. Snakes 

This has been happening since the tale of the female NAF personnel who died as a result of a snake bite in her toilet on Friday, November 19 went out.

Checks show that it is not very common for snakes to be found in toilets. Most reptiles would find it impossible to jump or enter the toilets; instead, they prefer to enter through cracks, beneath doors, and crevices in the concrete chambers in the back of the home, where sewage pipes are attached.

Snakes have been spotted more often under houses or in roof cavities than in toilets, but snakes can slither and crawl their way into toilets through a sewer system.

The greatest strategy to keep a snake from entering your toilet is to make your home less appealing to them in the first place.

In this article, we’ll look at ten highly efficient strategies to keep snakes away from your toilet and not be bitten by them.

1.  Keep your environment clear of bushes

Make sure that all of the bushes around your house are completely cleared and well burned to keep rats and reptiles away from your home.

2.  Close your windows or sliding doors

Keep your bathroom windows and sliding doors closed, or make sure the screens are intact, so snake can’t get in.


3. Eliminate snake food sources

The most effective approach to keep snakes away from your toilets is to remove their food sources. Rats are a favourite food of snakes. As a result, snakes will naturally follow rats to areas where there are enough of them. If you reside in a house with a lot of rats, you should expect a snake to pay you a visit sooner or later.

So eliminate snake foods such as rodents, lizards, and geckos by cleaning the house of clutter, removing waste, and removing musty odours.

4. Close your toilet lid

Keep your toilet lid closed at all times, and while you’re not in the bathroom, cover your bathroom filter with flat tile to prevent the reptile from moving further down the pipes. Also, make sure that all pipes are well fixed and closed.

5. Snake protection box 

Thanks to technological advancements, snake prevention box now exist. The snake protection box is composed of dacrotized coated steel, making it both robust and effective in keeping snakes out of the toilet. 
Aside from using snake prevention box, you can also install an anti-snake pipe or toilet cover.

6. Fumigate Your Toilet

Another thing to remember is to constantly fumigate your toilet sink on regular basis. Pesticides designed expressly for this purpose are available.

7. Check the toilet before you sit

Always check inside your toilet sink before you sit, avoid using the toilet in the dark, and public restrooms are risky to use in any case. 

If you must use them, don’t sit directly on them; instead, lift your buttocks slightly above the bowl and keep an eye on your surroundings.

8. Conduct routine inspections of your home and immediate surroundings

It’s good idea to examine your house and immediate surroundings for holes on regular basis, especially around the drainage lines. 
Any discovered risk or flaw should be addressed as soon as possible.

9. Making use of household items

Snakes can be kept at bay with common home goods. Snakes will not be able to enter your toilets if you pour caustic soda or Sniper down the toilet. 
Engine oil, sulfur powder, and kerosene mixed with water are among other home goods that can also be used.

10.  Install Sewer Sieve in the toilet

Installing sewer sieve in the toilet will keep snakes out of your toilet.
You can hire a plumber or a professional to install snake grill or net large enough to keep snakes from climbing up the water path that leads to the drain if you put in little extra effort.
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