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13 Nigerian Entertainers Who Converted From One Religion To Another



People nowadays have the freedom to choose any religion they like and switch to any faith they choose without facing any consequences. Converted From 
Some famous people in Nigeria have converted from one faith to another and remained satisfied as result.  Let’s have look at few of them now.


Lola Alao

Converted From One Religion

Lola Alao was born into a Muslim family, despite the fact that her mother was Christian. She became a Christian along the way.

On Tuesday, July 19, 2016, the actress converted to Islam at the Academy of Islamic Propagation in Nigeria (ACADIP). She also adopted the name Rhodiat.

Her conversion sparked outrage among her fans. Lola is now frequently seen dressed as a Muslim.


Fathia Balogun

Converted From One Religion

Fathia Balogun is a popular Yoruba actress who occasionally appears in English films. She was known as Fathia Williams prior to her marriage to veteran actor Saheed Balogun.

Fathia, an Urhobo from Delta State, embraced christianity as a child. She did, however, convert to Islam shortly before marrying. She is currently known as “Alhaja,” having completed a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Adewale Ayuba

Converted From One Religion

Adewale Ayuba, the Fuji maestro, comes from a Muslim family.

In 2014, he announced that he had become a born-again Christian, much to the amazement of many.

He claimed he had been a Christian for four years but could not openly declare his conversion for fear of reprimand from his family and losing his predominantly Muslim fans.

Lizzy Anjorin

Converted From One Religion

Elizabeth Anjorin, who is mostly seen in Yoruba films, was raised by a Christian father.

As a result, she had no choice but to embrace going to church, despite the fact that she had always been captivated by Islam.

After her father’s death in 2013, she instantly converted to Islam, which was her mother’s religion. She changed her name to Aishat.

Adunni Ade

Adunni Ade is Nigerian-American actress with multiracial background.  She was born into Muslim family. 
She was, however, given the option of choosing any faith she wanted. 
Her mother, stepbrothers, and stepsisters were all Christians, therefore she chose Christianity.
She eventually reversed her decision and returned to Islam.

Ninalowo Bolanle

Converted From One Religion

Popular actor Bolanle Ninalowo was born into a Muslim family.  He did, however, become a Christian a few years ago.

When he was going through some difficulties, the hunky actor said he found solace in the Bible. The Bible, according to him, has become his life manual.


Vivian Metchie

Vivian Metchie was born to a Catholic father and a Deeper Life mother.

Metchie later converted to Islam after marrying in RCCG. Her decision to convert to Islam was motivated by ‘religious confusion,’ she claims. “I found what I was looking for in the Koran,” she explained.


Biola Ige

Biola Ige is well-known in Nollywood for taking on risky roles. She changed her religion from Christianity to Hinduism.

According to the graduate of Economics from Osun State, she found peace in Hinduism and wishes to remain a Hindu.


Funke Etti

Converted From One Religion

Funke Etti, an actress, was born into a Muslim family with a Muslim father and a Christian mother. She was given the option of practicing either of the religions.

She surrendered her life to Christ, however, after Pastor Enoch Adeboye made an altar call at the RCCG Camp.

Bukky Wright

Bukky Wright, formerly Bukola Sekinat, converted to Islam in 2015.

She currently resides in Huston, Texas, with her two sons.

The fair-skinned woman was spotted at Winners Chapel in Houston, Texas.


Laide Bakare

Laide Bakare abandoned her Christian beliefs after having marital problems with and divorcing her Christian spouse.

She later married the muslim Alhaji Tunde Orilowo, also known as ATM, and became one of his wives.

She later converted to Islam and traveled to Mecca.


Liz DaSilva

Converted From One Religion

Da-Silva is a Nigerian by birth and a Togolese because her parents are Togolese.

She considers Lagos state to be her home, but she maintains ties with her extended family in Togo.

Da-Silva converted to Islam from Christianity in 2013.

Despite this, she is frequently seen worshiping at a Celestial Church Of Christ in videos posted to her Instagram account.



Yetunde Bakare

Yetunde Modinatu Bakare, a Nollywood actress, believes religion no longer matters now that she has converted to Christianity.

Bakare claims she was born and raised as a Muslim, but converted to Christianity for reasons only she knows about.

“I was born and raised as a Muslim, and my Sunnah name is Modinat,” Yetunde added, “but  I’m now a Christian for reasons best known to me.”

“However, I adore my Muslim brothers and sisters; at the end of the day, religion isn’t everything; it’s your relationship with God that counts,” she said.



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