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UFC World Champion, Kamaru Usman Arrives Nigeria For CSR



Kamaru Usman, a Nigerian-born MMA fighter, will arrive in Nigeria today (Thursday).

Usman is the current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight champion. The UFC is the world’s largest mixed martial arts promotion company.

He is scheduled to arrive in Nigeria today (Thursday) to launch a community activation plan for the people of Edo State.

Kamaru, who is on a 19-fight winning streak, the longest in the welterweight division, was born in Nigeria but has not returned since moving to the United States with his family when he was eight years old.

The UFC champion is also expected to visit Lagos, where he will be a media guest on Sunday.

Usman would travel from Lagos to his home state of Edo for his community activation plan.

“I’m coming home,” Usman exclaimed on Instagram, as he posted videos of himself and his family at the airport, about to board a plane.

“When I looked at my passport and realized I hadn’t been home since I was a kid, I knew it was time.”

Kamaru recently defended his title against Jorge Masvidal, knocking the American out in the second round to keep his title.

Usman, Nigeria’s first ever undisputed UFC welterweight champion, has cemented his position with 14 straight wins, becoming the division’s longest-ever holder of a win-streak.

Usman is expected to arrive in Abuja today for a flurry of activities, followed by a stop in Lagos before returning to his home state of Edo, where he will visit family and friends and launch a community activation plan aimed at improving the lives of his people.

Kamaru Usman was born in Auchi, Nigeria. His father was a major in the Nigerian Army, and his mother was a teacher. He has two brothers, Kashetu and Mohammed, the former of whom is a pharmacist and the latter a mixed martial artist. Usman struggled with his surroundings as a child while growing up in Benin City with his mother and two brothers.

Usman’s father, Muhammed Nasiru Usman, who became a pharmacist in the United States, brought his family to the country when Usman was eight years old, settling in Dallas, Texas.

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