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Chris Ubosi: Meet The Man Who Owns 4 Radio Stations In Lagos




There are currently about 264 functional radio stations across Nigeria.

Lagos alone boasts of roughly 37 radio stations.

Out of this number, one man owns four radio stations. His name is Christopher Ubosi.

Chris Ubosi is the managing director and CEO of Megaletrics Limited, the company that owns Beats FM, Classic FM, Naija FM, and Lagos Talks FM.

Chris Ubosi

Chris Ubosi

His foray into broadcasting business started in 1993; this was when the mass media industry was liberalized in Nigeria.

This happened when Aims Group, the parent company to Steam broadcasting, applied for a broadcast license. The company started Cool FM. Chris Ubosi was hired to run the new radio station.

As an Executive Director, Ubosi ran the station for 12 years and thereafter formed Megaletrics Limited and applied for a license for his own radio station.

In 2009, he started with Classic FM and The Beat FM.

Two years later he added Naija FM and four years later, he added Lagos Talks FM.

Chris Ubosi

Each station were created to attend to specific niche.

For instance, The Beat FM (FM 99.9) speaks to today’s youth, so everything in their programming, presenters, lifestyle choices, and presentational techniques are geared toward the younger demographic.

Classic FM (97.3) targets more mature audience. It programming includes retro/old school music, health talks, investments, and things that affect that demographics.

Naija FM (102.7) pander to the masses by communicating in local languages such as Pidgin English, Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.

Lagos Talks FM (91.3) entertains, informs and educates people on social issues.

Chris Ubosi also established radio stations in other states and outside Nigeria. For instance, there is Naija FM in Ibadan, and The Beat FM in Port Harcourt.

In 2021, he established the Beat FM in Abuja.

The Beat FM 103.6 London became the first African station to be on the FM band. They later ascended to DAB so the station are heard all over the United Kingdom now.


Chris Ubosi is a graduate of Quantity Surveying from Obafemi Awolowo University and also holds a masters in Project Management from the University of Lagos.

Beyond broadcasting, the University of Ife quantity survey graduate also runs a construction company among many other things.

Megaletrics Limited On November 3, 2017, he became the non-Executive Director of Diamond Bank, Plc.

Chris Ubosi is married to Ijeoma and they have three children together.



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