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Policeman Who Robbed And Assaulted Skitmaker Ekwutousi Arrested (PHOTO)



The Policeman who allegedly robbed comedian and actress, MaryGrace Chioma Ogbu, popularly known as Ekwutousi Philo, has been apprehended.

The skit maker shared a photo of the policeman in handcuff on her social media handle.

Yesterday, the skit-maker shared on Instagram a distressing encounter with police officers while she was parked along Alapere highway, Lagos.

She also shared a video where she could be seen with a police officer, who gained entrance into her car, attempting to seize her recording phone. This led to a frantic struggle while she screamed in distress.


Narrating her ordeal, the comedian revealed that the alarming incident occurred on October 20, 2023, along the Alapere highway in Lagos around 5 a.m.

According to her, after completing a gig and was driving home, she got confused by the navigational system she was using and was forced to park her car to figure out her way.

According to the Enugu State indigene, the moment she parked her car, she found herself annexed by two vehicles – one in front and the other at her back.

After stepping out of the vehicles, the policemen demanded that she follow them without mentioning any offense she had committed. They also tried to force her to an undisclosed destination.

The comedian stated that after a heated debate, she ultimately agreed to allow one officer access into her car while the others followed in separate cars.

She tried to do a live Instagram feed for safety on the way to the station, but the policeman blocked her and grabbed her phone violently.

She claimed that during the altercation, the policeman tried to steal her car, but onlookers stepped in and the officers quickly left.

The skit maker claimed that when they left, she realized her purse, which contained priceless stuff including earrings and money in both dollars and naira, was missing.

She said that her efforts to report the incident at various police divisions proved futile. This was until a police officer, who was her fan, acknowledged the involved officer’s identity.

Ekwutousi Philo said her efforts to fish out the police officers involved and retrieve her stolen properties have been futile.

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